Student Appeals and Complaints

UNC Asheville provides several means by which student complaints and grievances may be addressed. In all cases, students are advised to put their concerns in writing and carefully document the events that led to the complaint or grievance.

If you are taking any courses at UNC Asheville and have a complaint about your experience, you have two options:

1.  You can follow UNC Asheville's process for student complaints outlined below.

2.  You may also contact UNC Asheville's regional accrediting agency, The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (

If you are residing outside of North Carolina while attending UNC Asheville, in many cases you can file a complaint in the state where you are residing. As required by federal regulations, we direct you to a list of resources compiled and updated by the State Higher Education Executive Officers (North Carolina Post-Secondary Education Complaints).

If a complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the institution's grievance procedure, the student may file a complaint with the following office: North Carolina Post-Secondary Education Complaints, c/o Terrence Scarborough, University of North Carolina General Administration, 910 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2688, telephone (919) 962-4558, email  The student may contact UNC General Administration for further details (

Complaints Procedure

Where a student should go to file a complaint depends upon whether the complaint concerns academic or non-academic matters. In practice, student concerns, complaints or grievances are directed to one of two student ombudsmen. The Assistant Provost for Academic Administration is generally the first point of contact for academic student complaints, and the Dean of Students is generally the first point of contact for non-academic student complaints.

Regardless of the initial contact, the two student ombudsmen work closely together and direct students to the appropriate complaint procedure and involve any other appropriate departments. Students may also institute complaints to the personnel involved in the procedure or action that yielded the complaint. For example, instructional matters are typically handled first by the class instructor, and then progressively by the department chair, the dean and the Provost if needed. While you may be tempted to “start at the top” and contact the Chancellor’s office first, it is almost always more effective to attempt to resolve the matter first with the person against whom the complaint is directed, the person's direct supervisor or one of the student ombudsmen. In most cases the Chancellor will refer the matter back down through the reporting lines so that the process can be followed. Each office that receives student complaints will maintain a record of those complaints and their resolutions.

Contact information is listed below to help students address specific complaints or grievances.

Residency Appeals

Assistant Provost for Academic Administration
011 Ramsey Library
Onestop Appeals and Petitions
University Catalog Complaint/Grievance Procedures
828-350-4500 or

Disabilities complaints

Assistant Provost for Academic Administration
011 Ramsey Library
Office of Academic Accessibility website

Financial Aid

Director of Admissions
Brown Hall (lower level)
Financial Aid website
828-251-6535 or

Non-academic complaints/grievances

Dean of Students
Governors Hall
Student Code of Conduct
Student Handbook
828-250-2370 or