Our Mission

The UNC Asheville Division of Student Affairs develops and implements programs and services that foster an inclusive, nurturing, and challenging community in which all students have the opportunity to engage in integrated and transformative learning which prepares them to be productive citizens of a global society and develop a lifelong commitment to learning and personal wellness. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their personal and intellectual development and be accountable to themselves, each other, and the community. Student Affairs professionals foster student success through learning opportunities that result in the following outcomes:

  • Students persist and achieve academically
  • Students communicate effectively
  • Students appreciate and respect diversity
  • Students promote and practice wellness
  • Students solve problems creatively
  • Students lead with integrity
  • Students serve the local and global community
  • Students live life with passion and compassion

UNC Asheville Student Affairs Strategic Priorities

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Students Learning through On-Campus Employment
  • First Year to Second Year Retention
  • Technological Competence and Stewardship

UNC Asheville Student Affairs Standards of Best Practice

  • Practice an Ethic of Care
  • Promote Student Well-Being
  • Practice Fiscal Responsibility
  • Collaborate with Faculty