Law Enforcement

The Campus Public Safety Officers, Asheville City Police, Buncombe County Sheriff's Office, and North Carolina State Highway Patrol are the law enforcement officials you might encounter.  Their role is to protect life and property, enforce laws, maintain order, and provide assistance in emergencies.  Rights of the accused are protected in the United States and the police are monitored by the courts, politicians, and the people.

Be aware of U.S. law.  Most are international laws dealing with theft, murder, et al. However, there are laws that may be different from those in your country.  You are required to have a license and insurance to drive in the U.S.  If you wish to drive here, check with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  You will have to pick up a Driver's Handbook and pass a test based on that Handbook. The legal drinking age is 21. You cannot buy or use alcoholic beverages if you are under that age. If you are over 21, you may NOT buy or supply alcohol to people under 21.

At times you may be stopped and questioned by the police.  The officer must have a good reason to do this, and while you may not be guilty of anything, it is best to cooperate until the officer has resolved the suspicion. If you think that there is a problem, or if you have problems understanding, ask them to call the International Student Advisor. Searches may be made by an officer only with a warrant and a good reason for suspecting that a law has been broken.

UNC Asheville is a safe place to live and study. However, it is also an open campus.  Anyone can drive or walk through the campus, so it is always a good idea to be careful.  Do not leave valuables out in the open.  Lock your valuables in a safe place.  Don't walk alone at night.  Campus Security will escort you from the library or night classes in the evenings if you call them at 828.251.6710.