The Council for the Advancement of Professional Staff (CAPS) is a committee of Student Affairs Professionals dedicated to providing professional development opportunities to staff and departments in the Division of Student Affairs. The council strives to create fun and engaging learning experiences that advance the relationships, skills, and knowledge of professionals in order to prepare team members in their efforts to advance divisional and institutional goals. 

CAPS has developed a Celebrate and Recognize series that includes an online SNAPS feature for employees to recognize the work of co-workers each week. CAPS celebrates the work of divisional staff through the Fall Superlative Awards Ceremony and the Spring Annual Divisional Awards Ceremony. 


  • Provide developmental opportunities for divisional staff to learn and refine skills that are paramount to the successful implementation of their work by presenting educational sessions that address Higher Education trends, issues, and case law where appropriate. 
  • Provide social opportunities for divisional staff to build relationships with each other and across campus that advance collaboration efforts which enhance the campus experience.
  • Provide staff with the neccessary tools, information, and resources that allow them to develop employability traits among student employees in the division.

Student Employee Program:

This year CAPS is taking a leading role in advancing the goals the Division of Student Affairs has set for all student employees working in several capacities across departments to better the experience of students at UNC Asheville. As such, we have identified the following objectives across the division. Our success will be measured by the division-wide rubric used to evaluate all student employees. These actions were developed by the CAPS committee in consultation with all units of the division.

Developing Excellent Employees Program (DEEP) | Student Employee Evaluation Rubric

  • As a result of participating in DEEP, students will be provided opportunties to develop transferrable skills that foster professional growth in order to emerge from college ready to contribute to a competetive workforce.
  • As a result of working in the Division of Student Affairs, students will demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills as measured by the Student Employee Rubric. 
  • Units of the Division of Student Affairs that employ students will develop student employees holistically through the provision of sound supervision that supports learning, reflection, and growth.

Event Calendar: 

2018-2019 Calendar of Events